"Running Shoes"
Episode 11
Series Game Grumps
Game Pokémon FireRed
Description Grumble grumble...wish I had a bike...grumble grumble.
Release Date Feb 15, 2014
Length 11:02
Link Pokemon FireRed: Running Shoes - PART 11 - Game Grumps
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"Running Shoes" is the eleventh episode of Pokemon FireRed.


Arin: [burps] "Um... All right."

Danny: "Hey, girl."

Game ProgressionEdit

With Brock defeated, the two take a brief tour of the Pewter City Museum. Before traveling along Route 3, they receive the Running Shoes from their mother. The rest of the episode, the two continue along Route 3, battling several trainers along the way.


Danny: "Oh-" [reads craigslist page] "'The crystal I wear around my neck contains an essence that gets recharged when I jack it with a bro who also has a crystal. It gives me confidence at work, home, social situations, etc. Nobody knows it's a JO crystal but me and my bros. I have seen it glow white while jerking it with a bud that's how I know this is real. You can come over for as long as you want but I need a picture of you preferably wearing a crystal before I waste my time.'"

Arin: [laughing while Danny speaks]

Danny: "Oh, my God..."

External linksEdit

Subreddit Head Running Shoes at the Subreddit

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