"Route of All Evil"
Episode 3
Clash at Demonhead 3
Series Game Grumps
Game Clash at Demonhead
Description What's that on your head? Is it a DEMON???
Release Date May 17, 2013
Length 11:56
Link Clash at Demonhead: Route of All Evil - PART 3 - Game Grumps
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"Route of All Evil" is the third episode of Clash at Demonhead.

Discussion Edit

  • Jon mentions the musical Cats, a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Then, he begins singing "A New Argentina" from the musical Evita -- also by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
  • Jon brings up artist Pablo Picasso. Arin notes how much Picasso looks like the actor Bruce Willis.
  • Arin remarks how Jon hasn't been doing very many "No not the's". This is a reference to Jon's common trend of giving fake names to in-game characters.

Quotes Edit

I don't give a shit. Do you think I have even seen Cats? The answer's yes -- but do you think?
— Arin
Are you Jackson Pollock? Then why you paintin' a picture of me?!
— Jon
This is gonna sound really stupid.. Is he dead?
— Jon, referring to Pablo Picasso.
No, not a-those! Anything but a-those.
— Jon

Outro Edit

Arin: Zoom in on the logo. Now zoom out.
Jon: I'm glad you feel the need to tell people to do things to make yourself feel more special.

Gallery Edit

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