"Rock Blasted!"
Episode 113
Pokemon FireRed Part 113 - Rock Blasted!
Series 'Game Grumps'
Game Pokémon FireRed Version
Description Gonna go watch some Pewee Deedee.
Release Date February 13, 2015
Length 11:06
Link Pokemon FireRed: Rock Blasted! - PART 113 - Game Grumps
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"Oh Dear" is the one hundred thirteenth episode of Pokémon FireRed Version on Game Grumps.

Game Progress Edit

Arin starts the episode off in front of the Power Plant, preparing to catch Zapdos. He spends most of the episode battling the Voltorb and Magnemite he finds, and the occasional Electrode accidentally mistaken for Pokéballs.

It should be noted that SPLAART!!! has been switched out of his party for Fuck King offscreen due to her very poor showing in battle. By chance, he obtains a Thunderstone, which could be used to finally evolve SPLAART!!! into a Raichu.

Discussions Edit

Arin and Danny talk about the Nuzlocke challenge. Danny finds the idea crazy, and can't believe that playing the game this way would be very fun.

Danny talks about how his dad has warmed up to his career choices, and has more interest in Let's Plays. Danny tells a story of Avi watching a Game Grumps animation about "Spoofy", and reveals his mother has been recording down all the silly things her husband has said for a long time.

Danny mentions one of the most recent Avi-isms: while trying to figure out the channel names of fellow YouTubers who are friends with Danny, such as Markiplier, he accidentally calls PewDiePie "Peeweedidi." Arin spins this slurring of his name into a midget character with a high-pitched voice, which Danny recognizes as one of the voices Arin did for his Awesome series videos.

Trivia Edit

  • When Arin first expressed an intention to catch Zapdos, it was agreed upon that Zapdos would be named "Jinkwad", but he was almost certain he and Danny would forget all about it by the time they got to capture it. Just as he said, the Grumps forget and decide to call Zapdos "Greg" when they find it. By coincidence, Arin made a joke during the Sonic '06 playthrough about a made-up God of War game named "God of War: Legend of Greg" to Jon, which would mean its protagonist could theoretically be the Zapdos.

External linksEdit

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