"Return to Hyrule"
Episode 68
Series Game Grumps
Game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
Release Date June 4th, 2014
Length 14:00
Link Wind Waker HD: Return to Hyrule - PART 68 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"Flashback Fever"

"Return to Hyrule" is the sixty-eighth episode of Wind Waker HD on Game Grumps.

Game ProgressEdit

Arin starts the episode by learning the Hurricane Spin at his home island, then obtaining the last three Triforce Shards (as well as a purple rupee) from the sea.

Arin's next destination is Hyrule underwater, where he finds Princess Zelda teleported out of the basement in front of him. After a fight with Darknuts, he enters the final temple in the game: Ganon's Tower.

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