"Real Talk? How are we fucking breathing?"

Real Talk is a phrase that Jon and Arin use very often during or after a joke to alert the other Grump that they are now being serious. However, just as often, they follow it up with a different joke or a non-sequitur instead.

Arin ceased using the phrase after Jon left Game Grumps.

Notable "Real Talks"Edit

  • "Dude, real talk. Has anyone ever seen Sonic's feet without shoes on?" -Arin
  • "Dude, real talk. If we evolved from monkeys...then why are there still monkeys, dude?" -Arin


  • In the Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games one-off episode, they attempt to name their character Real Talk, but it ends up being R3a7T47.
  • The meme has been referenced in the video game DLC Quest on a gravestone found in-game.
  • In the track "Outro," on the album Attitude City, Danny prefaces his gratitude with "If we can have a moment of real talk."


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