"Real Talk? How are we fucking breathing?"

Real Talk is a Game Grumps catchphrase commonly used during 2012 and 2013. Jon and Arin used this phrase very often during or after a joke to alert the other Grump that they are now being serious. However, just as often, they follow it up with a different joke or a non-sequitur instead.

Although the phrase was very common during Jon's tenure on the show, Arin ceased using the phrase after Jon left Game Grumps. It's now remembered as one of the defining memes of Jon-era Game Grumps, due to its commonality while Jon was on the show.

In No Touch Challenge - PART 21, released in October 2017, Arin says "real talk" while proposing his intention to buy an NES Hands-Free Controller. He acknowledges, "God, I haven't said that in fucking years," to which Danny responds, "Yeah, I know, Geez."

Notable "Real Talks"Edit

  • "Dude, real talk. Has anyone ever seen Sonic's feet without shoes on?" -Arin
  • "Dude, real talk. If we evolved from monkeys...then why are there still monkeys, dude?" -Arin


  • In the Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games one-off episode, they attempt to name their character Real Talk, but it ends up being R3a7T47.
  • The meme has been referenced in the video game DLC Quest on a gravestone found in-game.
  • In the track "Outro," on the album Attitude City, Danny prefaces his gratitude with "If we can have a moment of real talk."


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