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"Ragtime" is the fifteenth episode of Mega Man 7.

Intro Edit

"Welcome back to Game Grumps!" -JonTron, singing.

Game progressEdit

The Game Grumps continue the second to last level in Dr. Wily's Castle, defeating HannyaNED². They begin the last level, beating Freeze Man and Slash Man.

Quotes Edit

"Okay, to explain this cough, I got sick like a week ago and it just won't, like, go. I mean I'm not sick anymore, but the cough is around, so, sorry!" -Jon

"Dick 'n' balls." -Arin

"Body Fluid Grumps for a while- ...what?" -Jon

Trivia Edit

  • JonTron's singing of the intro is similar to the end of SpongeBob's Pizza Song.
  • Jon states he does not like network television expect The Office with Arin only liking Castle.

Outro Edit

Jon: "Next time on Game Grumps he'll finish that thought!"

(Arin laughs)

Jon: "Sorry!"

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