"Quickly, Now"
Episode 4
Mega Man 2 4
Series Game Grumps
Game Mega Man 2
Description Oh slow laser I despise thee...
Release Date July 7, 2013
Length 10:38
Link Mega Man 2: Quickly, Now - PART 4 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"Ash Man"
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"Heat Man the Series"

"Quickly, Now" is an episode of Game Grumps and the fourth episode of Mega Man 2.


Arin: Welcome back to the journey of a century.

Danny: Hello Sirs! and Madams!

Game ProgressEdit

Arin quits Quick Man's stage (only getting to fight him once), and starts Heat Man's stage once again.


Danny talks about when Game of Thrones came out, he wasn't interested in it, and he kept up with various TV shows, and didn't want to keep up with another one; however, he watched it when a friend of his described it as "Lord of the Rings with titties", and they watched 10 episodes straight, and has since become Danny's favorite TV show, and he also started reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series of books that the TV show is based on.

When Arin uses Item-3 to get the extra life at the beginning of Quick Man's stage, he calls it "my backwards 3". Danny asks the meaning of the backwards 3, which leads Arin into explaining that the game has three transport items, which were precursors to Rush's functions in the Mega Man games after 2; however, the developers didn't make mirrored versions of the sprites of Item-2 and Item-3, which carry their respective numbers, so instead, if they're released facing the left, their numbers appear backwards.

Danny comments that the Springers/Spring Heads, in their un-springed forms, look like Demon-Possessed Roombas, and how one could make a YouTube video with a million views by putting a cat next to one them.

Danny talks about Super Mario Bros. 3, which he never played due to having something against it, due to The Wizard, which was heavily based on product placement (which didn't happen as much at the time), intimidating him; he was also still trying to learn how to play Super Mario Bros. 2 at the time.

Danny and Arin talk about songs from Nintendo Entertainment System games, how simple they are, how Danny learned music theory from them, how one can understand how they were constructed just by listening to the bass line-only versions from pause screens; they also talk about Zuntata, Taito's in-house band, and how the space costumes that they wore during one 1990 performance of "Daddy Mulk" from The Ninja Warriors looked like baked potatoes.


Danny: Next Time on Game Grumps: Arin succeeds at this. I'm calling it!

Arin: Didn't this happen last time?

Danny: Maybe.

Arin: Next Time on Game Grumps: I'm gonna do it, I swear!


  • Danny says that Fred Savage played the protagonist of The Wizard, when he actually played a supporting role as the main character's brother.

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