"Pure Human Joy"
Episode 37
Dark Souls III 37
Series 'Game Grumps'
Game Dark Souls III
Description Biggest fear has been realized!
Release Date May 15th, 2016
Length 11:43
Link Dark Souls III: Pure Human Joy - PART 37 - Game Grumps
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Pure Human Joy is the thirty-seventh episode of Dark Souls III on Game Grumps.

Intro Edit

The video starts with a very brief live-action segment where Arin tells the fans to follow Barry's Twitter account @razzadoop.

Discussions Edit

Danny drinks a beverage so cold it makes his teeth hurt even when the ice has melted. This leads to Arin talking about a toothpaste he uses for his sensitive teeth.

Arin talks about a friend of his named Ray who likes to joke about weed. Ray called the game "Dank Souls," and shortly afterward, Arin encountered another player with the username "DankSouls420".

Arin talks about the large version of the Kit Kat, the Big Kat. He brings up how fans have shown him pictures of this because of his experiences with Big the Cat in Sonic Adventure DX.

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