"Peggle Nights (episode)"
Series Steam Train
Game Peggle Nights
Description Ode to Joy indeed.
Release Date August 16, 2014
Length 13:46
Link Peggle Nights - Steam Train
Steam Train One-Off Guide
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"Mount Your Friends"
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"Next Car Game"

Peggle Nights is the first and only episode of Peggle Nights on Steam Train.


  • This is the first non-spinoff episode of Steam Train to not include Ross.
  • This is the first video on Game Grumps to feature the group of Danny, Barry, and Suzy.
  • The episode begins with a live-action segment where Barry and Suzy obnoxiously compliment Ross until he shouts "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" and leaves upset. On his way out of the Grump Room, he passes by Danny, who is confused, as he thought they were about to do Steam Train. Suzy suggests that they do Steam Train without Ross, to which Danny says "Sweet! I fucking hate Ross! Friendship!"

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