Parodius! From Myth to Laughter
GG Parodius
Series Game Grumps
Console SNES
Episodes 6
Playlist Arin and Dan play Parodius. It's like Gradius, but...uh.......
Run March 26th, 2014 - March 31st, 2014
Status Quit
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Parodius is the thirtieth game played by Arin and Danny, and is the 102nd game played on Game Grumps.


  1. What the Heck is This?
  2. Candy Crushed
  3. Cherry Blossoms of Death
  4. Amazing Powers
  5. Saved by the Bell
  6. Arin Poops His Pants


  • Arin describes the game as a "parody of Gradius."
  • This game is so far the only game that angered Arin to the point that he shat himself mid-rage.