"Off to Death!"
Episode 17
Kirby's Dream Course Part 17 - Off to Death!
Series Game Grumps VS
Game Kirby's Dream Course
Description Don't worry. Be happy.
Release Date March 12, 2015
Length 10:45
Link Kirby's Dream Course: Off to Death! - PART 17 - Game Grumps VS
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"Off to Death!" is the seventeenth episode of Kirby's Dream Course on Game Grumps VS.

Game Progress Edit

Arin and Danny take on the fifth hole of the Gordo course. The spikes intimidate them at first, but Arin finds the spikes strangely helpful, until they find themselves constantly falling off the edge of the course. It takes the Grumps the entire episode to finish out the hole, but eventually Danny does sink it. The score at the end of the hole is 23-19, with Arin in the lead.

External links Edit

Subreddit Head Off to Death! at the Subreddit

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