"Do they have a convention for convicted felons call "Con Con"?"

"Nose and Throat"
Episode 60
Series Game Grumps
Game Pokémon FireRed
Description Head, shoulders, nose, and throat. Nose and throat.
Release Date April 25th, 2014
Length 12:07
Link Pokemon FireRed: Nose and Throat - PART 60 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"Waking Snorlax"
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"Take Stock"

"Nose and Throat" is the sixtieth episode of Pokémon FireRed on Game Grumps.


Danny and Arin talk about conventions for a while, including a beauty convention Suzy attended that Arin wasn't allowed to enter. Danny also confuses Star Wars and Star Trek.

Danny later invites Arin to go to a doctor to have his nose and throat cleaned, but Arin declines, and gives a longwinded, convuluted reason as to why he doesn't want to go.

Also, neither of them can tell the difference between bees and birds when fighting Birdkeeper Robert. They spend two minutes at the end of the video on the screen they get for defeating the birdkeeper, and Danny gets a text message from a friend in New Zeland, prompting laughter between the two when Danny tries to make a response.

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