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"No Pokeballs" is the third episode of Pokemon Emerald.

Intro Edit

"Haaaaaa laaaaaaa. Welcome back to Game Grumps!" - JonTron.

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps battle May for the first time and receive the Pokédex, Pokéballs, and the Running Shoes.

Quotes Edit

"Whats up Wingull how you levitating".- Jon

"I love how it has this blank stare and when he tackles he just "eh".- Jon talks about mudkip

"I just wanna learn oldale".- Jon keeps interacting with a sighn

"Stooop".- Arin

"You have to learn something by doing it over and over and if i don't do it over and over.......sorry wait, oldale".- Jon

"There selling poke balls now".- Arin

"Hey I'm watching, I'm fucking watching you".- Jon looks at the lady outside the poke mart.

"God fucking damn".- Arin sees there not selling poke balls.

Outro Edit

Jon"On that note well see you guys next time and don't worry..............".

(Arin snickers).

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