"Nidhogg (episode)"
Series Steam Rolled
Game Nidhogg
Description Swords are drawn and pixels are bled.
Release Date January 22nd, 2014
Length 13:35
Link Nidhogg - Steam Rolled
Steam Rolled One-Off Guide
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"Nidhogg" is an episode of Steam Rolled and the only episode of Nidhogg.

Gameplay Edit

Arin, Suzy, Ross, and Barry compete in two tournaments. In the first tournament, Barry beats Arin in the first round, Ross beats Suzy in the second round, and Ross beats Barry in the final round, making him the winner of the first tournament. In the second tournament, Barry successfully gets revenge by beating Ross in the first round, and Arin beats Suzy in the second round, while Arin beats Barry in the final round. Arin and Ross then face off in a 1v1 match to determine who the Nidhogg champion is, and Arin wins.

Discussion Edit

Most of the commentary is done as if to resemble sports commentary, and the episode famously ends with the Grumps dissonantly singing about how they praise the Nidhogg (the Norse wormlike serpent that eats the winner at the end of each round) while church bells sound in the background. Arin then proposes that they go get Taco Bell, while Ross objects and says that they should get food from Del Taco instead, to which Arin yells at him, "SHUT THE HELL U--".

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