New JonTron Video!! - Kings Quest V!
New JonTron Video



Release date

August 15, 2012





New JonTron Video!! - Kings Quest V! is an announcement of JonTron's first video since the Game Grumps channel started.

Removal Edit

There were many dislikes and angry comments on the video, due to fans not liking the idea of JonTron advertising his own videos on the Game Grumps channel. The video was soon removed the same day it was uploaded due to these comments.

Discussions of the video's removal were started on the Game Grumps' channel, and on the previous video released by Game Grumps, Why Does He HOP?!.

Twitter Edit

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JonTron replied to one mention of this episode on Twitter:

Original Tweet by VerrucktSlayer: "A bunch of buttheads made @JonTronShow delete a vide seriously?, he makes free entertainment for you and thats how you pay him? Shame."

JonTron's Reply: "@VerrucktSlayer glad to know at least someone understands :3"

Dick Shun Edit

JonTron mentioned the removal of the video in the Pokemon Emerald episode Dick Shun.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first video on the Game Grumps channel to feature Jacques.
  • This is also the first video not to feature Egoraptor.
  • This is the only video on the Game Grumps channel to be permanently removed.
  • Kings Quest V was later played by Danny and Ross on Steam Train.

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