"Nail Clippings"
Episode 2
You Don't Know Jack 2
Series Game Grumps VS
Game You Don't Know Jack
Description Nailed it. AHAHAHAHAHA GET IT
Release Date February 4, 2013
Length 14:23
Link You Don't Know Jack: Nail Clippings - PART 2 - Game Grumps VS
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"Nail Clippings" is an episode of Game Grumps VS and the second episode of You Don't Know Jack.

Intro Edit

Jon: Welcome to the new Game Grumps, we're doin I Don't Jack Off Two?

Quotes Edit

  • "If I can't be the best, I sure as hell can be the WOOORRST" - Jontron

Match Edit

Jon and Arin play Episode 6: Romanticlip Tandem Toenail Clippers, with Arin once again as Player 1, being known as 'BUTTBUTTYAWN', while Jon keeps his status as Player 2, and his name, 'UMJAMLAM.' Arin starts pretty poorly, getting the first two questions correct, but then begins to recover on Question 3. They both get Question 4 correct, but Arin realizes after answering that they missed the wrong answer of the game. Jon then gets a Dis or Dat, putting him back in the lead. Arin then screws Jon in the sixth question, giving him the lead once again. Arin continues to dominate, getting the seventh question correct. Jon screws Arin in an order question, but Arin maintains his lead. They both then get Question 9 correct, and Question 10 wrong, Arin entering Jack attack with a hefty lead. During Jack Attack, Jon repeatedly pushes 'X', losing a ridiculous amount of money, stating he had no chance anyway. Jon ended with -$513,082, while Arin came out with $2,729.


  • Jon and Arin talk about how they don't know which state St. Louis is in, eventually coming to the (correct) conclusion that it is in Missouri.
  • The two talk about a movie trailer based off a dream sequence, which made it seem like a children's movie, when it was in fact far from it. Jon questions the legality of this.

Outro Edit

Jon: Ok Next Time on Game Grumps, (gibberish)

Arin: (in a high pitched voice) ...happy, darn it, I think I'm gonna have a good day, good another good day, good another good day, good --


Arin: -- another good day good another --

Jon: Ew.... ECH!

Arin: Did you - did you ech something up?

Jon: I put my mouth on the mic...


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