— Buddy from Out of This World

Mycaruba (also spelled, among other variants, Mike Aruba; My Caruba; My Car, Roomba; Mikarooba or Mike Rooba) is the first utterance of the character Buddy in Out of This World. Thanks to this, Buddy himself is known among the Lovelies by this name.


  • By coincidence, the prime minister of Aruba is named Mike.
  • Mycaruba is also used as a trolling phrase on the Game Grumps subreddit; it is customary for the recipient to reply with I've been diddled again! (referencing Plok).
  • Often when Danny says "Mycaruba" or its variants, his voice sounds similar to Jimmy from the popular TV show "South Park"
  • Mycaruba was mentioned in the "Special Thanks" section of the end credits of the video game Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

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