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— Buddy from Out of This World

Mycaruba (also spelled, among other variants, Mike Aruba; My Caruba; My Car, Roomba; Mikarooba or Mike Rooba) is the first utterance of the character Buddy in Out of This World. Thanks to this, Buddy himself is known among the Lovelies by this name.

Mycaruba is also used as a trolling phrase on the Game Grumps subreddit; it is customary for the recipient to reply with I've been diddled again! (referencing Plok). When Danny says "Mycaruba" or its variants, his voice sounds similar to Jimmy from the popular TV show "South Park"


  • By coincidence, the prime minister of Aruba is named Mike.
  • Mycaruba was mentioned in the "Special Thanks" section of the end credits of the video game Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

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