Game Grumps Animated


Mr. Chambers

Origin (Game)

Super Mario 64

Origin (Episode)



Release date

November 5th, 2015




Game Grumps Animated - My ASSSS - by Mr. Chambers

My ASSSS is an official episode of Game Grumps Animated by Mr. Chambers. It uses audio from the Super Mario 64 episodes Trail of Tears, Bad Beans, and The Bright Side.

The Animation Edit

Arin is dressed as Mario and Danny takes the role of the cameraman Lakitu. Arin’s butt gets burned, causing him to run around and off a cliff. Danny sarcastically comments on Arin’s death, as real world Arin stares with a shocked look. He tries to hide his rage by calling it “one of the many possibilities this game provides you as a player.” Later on, Arin tries to catch a ledge, but fails and screams to “fuck his ass.” As he rants, he takes off his overalls and underwear as Danny films it. Even later on, Arin seductively claims that his anus is bleeding as he puts his hands on both his butt cheeks. Another Mario then runs up to a ledge, and falls off back-first, which cause Arin to rant and throw a Goomba into the abyss. Dan bursts out laughing as Arin tries to pass this off, claiming “everything’s dandy.”

External links Edit

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