"Mountain out of a Molehill"
Episode 1
Banjo Kazooie 1
Series Game Grumps
Game Banjo Kazooie
Description Jontron loves Grant Kirkhope. Seriously, listen.
Release Date August 16, 2012
Length 20:25
Link Banjo Kazooie - Mountain out of a Molehill - PART 1 - Game Grumps
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"Burp Integrity"

"Mountain out of a Molehill" is the first episode of Banjo Kazooie on Game Grumps.

Intro Edit

Jon: Welcome to a new edition of Game Grumps!

Arin: I'm... Grump Man.

Jon: Shut up, man, okay.

Arin: That's not my name. It's Grump Man, you fuckin' stupid idiot.

Jon: Shut up, guy.

Game Progress Edit

The Game Grumps start a new file on Banjo Kazooie. They complete the tutorial in Spiral Mountain and reach Grunty's Lair.

Discussion Edit

Quotes Edit

"Weve always wanted to share games with each other, like am always like "oh you gotta play conker, you gotta play banjo kazooie", and we, we never get into it. So this is actually a way for us to finally do that, its you know, were doing a show but its still".- Jon

"No its not".- Arin

(Jon and Arin talk about conker).

"We did play conker, we recorded i think 3 episodes".- Arin

"Everybody knows are family secrets now".- Jon

"Yeah and it was bad, not the game, the episodes were bad because theres-".- Arin

"We were talking , i was upset you dint like it".- Jon

"And slowly realizing why".- Arin

"Yeah".- Jon

(Jon trys to show Arin the jontron logo origin).

"Its the jontron logo".- Jon

"What are you talking about".- Arin

"See look at what hes wearing".- Jon


Trivia Edit

. Jon states the jontron logo was inspired by banjo and it was drawn by a news-ground employee.

Outro Edit

Jon"Next time on Game Grumps we are, what we are, and if you dont like us, tell your friends to subscribe".


Jon"You made that longer then you needed-".