"Mike Aruba"
Episode 1
Out of This World 1
Series Game Grumps
Game Out of This World
Description You're in another dimension whatever RUN FAST OH NO.
Release Date July 27, 2013
Length 10:23
Link Out of This World: Mike Aruba - PART 1 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"My Caruba"

"Mike Aruba" is an episode of Game Grumps and the first episode of Out of This World.

Intro: Edit

Arin: Out of This World!

Danny: Wooooww! Wow! Alright, I love this game.

Game Progession: Edit

Arin and Danny start playing without watching the introductory movie sequence. Playing as Lester, the Grumps elude the black beast and get caught, and then escape the prison with their alien friend Buddy Mike. Mike gets caught while Lester escapes through the ventilation ducts, emerging into a hail of gunfire. Lester then blasts his way into a cave to escape.

Discussion Edit

Arin and Danny discuss the backstory briefly, before deciding that even though it might seem somewhat complex, it's pretty simple.

Dan and Arin reminisce about Transformers: The Movie, and how it made them cry even as adults.

The Grumps point out that Lester's run-jump makes him look like a gazelle. They also briefly talk about the history of the game, how it was made almost single-handedly by Eric Chahi, and how it was very unique when it came out.

As soon as Buddy says his only spoken line in the game, "Mycaruba", Dan and Arin immediately take to calling him Mike instead.

They talk about the settings and controls of Lester's laser pistol, how hard the game is and how much shooting and memorization there is in the game.

Dan and Arin also improvise a bit about a mobster demanding snacks from his boss.

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