Mega Marital Problems is the fifth track from Starbomb's self-titled debut album. It is themed after Capcom's Mega Man (known as Rockman in Jaqan). It features Arin as Mega Man, and Danny as Dr. Wily, Mrs. Mega Man, and Zero (who refers to himself as Mega Man Zero in the song).

Lyric Content Edit

Mega Man and his unnamed wife enter couples therapy, and are shocked to find out that Dr. Wily is their therapist. However, Wily asserts that he is no longer evil, though in an unconvincing way. He asks Mega Man to explain his marital troubles over a "hot beat." Mega Man says that his life is great, but that his wife doesn't seem satisfied with their sex life as of late. Mrs. Mega Man interjects, declaring she wants to start doing more "weird stuff" in the bedroom, which Wily backs her up on. Though Mega Man objects, saying "she says the same thing like a tape recorder," Wily suggests that Mega Man collect weapons from Robot Masters so that he can use them while having sex with his wife. The wife believes this will work, and sends Mega Man on his way. He does well defeating Robot Masters initially, until "Mega Man" Zero arrives to kill Mega Man and bang his wife. He brags about his dashing good looks and sexual prowess before Mega Man kills Zero with his "Mega Dick." Dr. Wily raps a narration at the end, claiming Mega Man's sex life with his wife has been saved, but calls the wife a "shallow whore." He apologizes for being misogynistic, but still stands by his statement, much to Mega Man's confusion.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a factual error in the lyrics. Mega Man claims that Ice Man's weakness is fire, when in the original Mega Man, it is actually electricity.
  • A promotional video for the first Starbomb album was released on the Ninja Sex Party YouTube channel on December 10th, 2013, showing the members of Starbomb recording this song.
  • Mrs. Mega Man is the second female character in a Starbomb song to be voiced by a male instead of a female, after Mother Brain from Regretroid.

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