"Mary-Kate & Ashley: Sweet 16 - Licensed to Drive (episode)"
Mary-Kate & Ashley Sweet 16
Series Game Grumps
Game Mary-Kate & Ashley: Sweet 16 - Licensed to Drive
Description Real games for real girls.
Release Date October 27, 2012
Length 37:17
Link Mary-Kate and Ashley: Sweet 16 - Licensed to Drive - Game Grumps
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  Mary-Kate & Ashley: Sweet 16 - Licensed to Drive is the only episode of Mary-Kate & Ashley: Sweet 16 - Licensed to Drive.


"Hey!" "Hey" "I thought it was wumb- you have to set it to wumbo! Do you remember wumbo?" - JonTron and Egoraptor.

Game progressEdit

The Game Grumps choose the settings for the game, and pick their characters. The Grumps play many turns, but do not finish the game. When they end, Arin is in second place and Jon is in third.


The episode begins with Jon explaining to Arin the origin of wumbo: an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.

The Game Grumps talk a lot about the game, sent to them by Collin Johnson. Jon notices messages during the intro to the game, and waits on the main menu to see if the intro will replay so Arin can see it, but it doesn't. The Grumps wonder if the game will be a racing game similar to Mario Kart, but it turns out to be more like Mario Party.

The episode is filled with many impressions by Jon and Arin of teenage girls, and mentioning of things such as tampons and vaginal cream. Jon often points out that they must sound so obnoxious. One instance involves a group of teenage girls buying the game. When they take it home, one of the girl's younger brother was playing an unspecified Mario game(presumably Mario Party 4). They tell them to go away and that Mario is a game for babies. It's ironic, as the game is a terrible rip-off of Mario Party, with some Mario Kart rip-offs, making the game the child was playing the superior game. The girls all became hookers soon after, and that boy was Bill Trinen, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Nintendo of America, and personal translator of Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, and many others.

Jon brings up the topic of the gifts he, Arin, and Suzy have received from MikiYoshi. Jon and Suzy usually receive cool gifts, such as Banjo-Kazooie stuff for Jon, while Arin usually gets joke gifts, such as vaginal cream pads.

The Grumps wonder if teenage girls would actually relate to and enjoy the game, saying that the game pushes gender roles to the extreme.

Jon and Arin announce that they will be at MAGFest 11, and that there will be JonTron, Egoraptor, and Game Grumps panels, and Arin will also be one of the hosts at an animation panel.

The Game Grumps find themselves somehow enjoying the game to some degree, and question how they continue to play the game.


"Listen to the honk on this shit!" - JonTron.

"How is this game so almost okay?" - JonTron.

"This is like Guitar Hero for.." "Retards?" - JonTron and Egoraptor


  • The Grumps spelled Collin Johnson's name wrong, as "Colin Johnson." This was corrected in The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley, another game sent to them by him.
  • The words and messages that flash by during the intro are: Dance, Dating, Freedom, Hit the Beach, Crank Up the Tunes, Cruising, Friends, Hit the Open Road, Independence, Hit the Beach (Again), Licensed 2 Drive, Cool Cars, Major Driveage, No More Backseat Drivers, Road Trip.

Suggested future gamesEdit

  • Chess (by Jon)


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