Mad Puss
Mad Puss


Game Grumps Animated



Origin (Game)

Wheel of Fortune

Origin (Episode)

Wheel of Fortune with Special Guest Jacob Anderson


Release date

June 16th, 2016




Game Grumps Animated - Mad Puss - by Jae55555

Mad Puss is an official episode of Game Grumps Animated by Jae55555. It uses audio from the Guest Grumps episode Wheel of Fortune with Special Guest Jacob Anderson.

The Animation Edit

Arin teases Vanna White for not changing the monitors fast enough. Arin spins the wheel and misses a trip to Maine. He jokingly notes how unpopular it is. He then gets "a gift", which he plans to use to get sex with his wife. On his next roll, he goes bankrupt and loses his gift, therefore losing his "mad puss". Danny then spins and goes bankrupt.

External links Edit

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