"I have bad news. You have eleven years to live, at most."
Danny, speaking as Dr. Potan

The Dog Island - MORE CUTENESS
Series Game Grumps
Game The Dog Island
Description Smells like victory...
Release Date November 5, 2014
Length 47:24
Link Dog Island: MORE CUTENESS - Game Grumps
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"Castle of Dragon"

"MORE CUTENESS" is the second one-off episode of The Dog Island on Game Grumps.


Danny: "Whoa, he stopped at the 'Press A' where the A is, like, perfectly his butthole. Anyway..."

Both: [laughs]

Game ProgressionEdit

The Game Grumps continue on their voyage to THE DOG Island, cleaning up dirt from the ship. They receive a Fishing Rod to fish for two Sea Bass and a Pacific Saury. During this task, Dan talks about a fishing trip he went on which he caught a ray. They catch the Bass and Saury fish and bring them to Bernard.

They clean the ship of dirt once more. PRINCEF TAAANX leaps overboard, and ends up on THE DOG Island and meets Amalia. Arin and Danny travel to Dr. Potan's house. After speaking with Dr. Potan, they go to speak to Noble, who Danny says looks like a pimp. Because of this, they make the encounter with Noble imply that he wants PRINCEF TAAANX as a hooker, saying that one of his clients is a ghost. They receive a quest to investigate a house for ghosts.

They find Petasi, an Anc, at the house. Petasi wants PRINCEF TAAANX to plant an Anc Tree. With it's use not explained, the Grumps joke about Petasi possibly being a disciple of Satan and that the Anc Tree will consume everything around it, it's roots constantly reaching downward to the depths of Hell. They return to Noble to give him the news before going to Dr. Potan. When they finally mention Petasi and the Anc Tree, the Grumps pretend that the Anc Tree has fully grown and has deformed, grotesque faces on it and is eating all the puppies.

They are stopped by Yi Lu, who listened in on PRINCEF TAAANX and Potan's conversation, eventually meeting them. The Grumps give Yi Lu an angry stereotypical chinese accent, yelling at random points. He tells PRINCEF TAAANX to go search for Ring Fragments, but they get a Game Over.


Wow, 'shipdog'. Wonder how long they fuckin' sat around the ol' idea table thinking of that one
— Danny
It's the parking lot behind a Home Depot. 'You'll find one of the ghosts parked in a 1975 Eldorado.'
— Danny, speaking as Noble
'Now, he's gonna make some demands. But, that's ghosts, baby. If you wanna exorcise the ghost, you gotta get the ectoplasm out from 'em, y'know what I'm sayin'?'
— Arin, speaking as Noble
'Pussy built this place, pussy will tear it down!'
— Danny, speaking as Noble
'There's only one thing Anc Trees like to eat! Puppy faces. Just the face!'
— Danny, speaking as Petasi


Arin: [in Yi Lu's voice] "A GAME OVER."

Danny: [in Yi Lu's voice] "Leturn to Titer? Would you care to Letrly- Wow, that's impossible."

Both: [laughs]

Arin: [in Yi Lu's voice] "Letry."

Danny: [in Yi Lu's voice] "Game over."


  • The Grump Heads for the title card of this episode are expressing delight and happiness rather than their usual expressions.

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