Luigi's Ballad ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEO - Starbomb02:54

Luigi's Ballad ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEO - Starbomb

The music video for the song, made by Egoraptor

"Luigi's Ballad" is the third track from the album Starbomb. It features Danny as the voice of Luigi, Arin as the voice of Mario, and guest singer Rachel Bloom as the voice of Princess Peach.

Lyric ContentEdit

The song starts with Luigi humbly preparing to express his feelings for Peach, before Mario jumps out of nowhere to upstage his brother. Throughout the first verse, he boasts about his masculinity using many crude sexual references (e.g. "mount you like Yoshi" and "my mushroom's now mega."). Luigi is disgusted by this and at first berates Mario for ruining his chance with Peach, before Peach decides to let Luigi say what he needs to. Before Luigi gets the chance, though, Mario interrupts him with more sexually-explicit boasting, while also taking shots at Peach for rejecting him in the past. Luigi then gets the chance to offer ideas for a date with Peach (like kart racing [like in Mario Kart] or hanging out with some friends [like in Mario Party]), though Mario openly plans to ruin those dates, and asserts his masculinity once more before the end of the song. In the end, however, Peach decides to go out with Toad, since "his whole body's shaped like a dick."


  • This was the first Starbomb song to receive an official music video on Egoraptor's main channel.
  • When the music video received 5 million views on YouTube, Danny's dad sent a voice mail congratulating him, and this voicemail was played at the beginning of Episode 26 (Starting Fires) of the Pokémon FireRed series.

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