"Love Interests"
Episode 88
Sonic '06 88
Series Game Grumps
Game Sonic '06
Description Interested in love.
Release Date April 17, 2013
Length 10:08
Link Sonic '06: Love Interests - PART 88 - Game Grumps
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"Love Interests" is the eighty-eighth episode of Sonic '06 played on Game Grumps.


Jon: (to Silver) Get that-!
Arin: He can't hear you, he's on the TV."


Jon and Arin briefly discuss actor Tyler Perry and the Madea movie series. (0:12)

The two — perhaps jokingly — briefly talk about how subsequent generations may recognize interspecies couples as normal. (2:07)

Jon coins the term "grut" — a Game Grumps rut — in this episode, in reference to how many of the discussions from the Sonic '06 series can be boiled down to, "this game sucks." (4:24)

Jon brings up Tim Heidecker's film, The Comedy. He did not like it, but admits he only watched fifteen minutes of it. He also remarks that he can't tell if it's supposed to be intentionally bad. (5:15)

Jon remarks how the station in-game looks similar to a section of the Counter-Strike map cs_assault. Barry put up a screenshot of the section Jon was talking about. (9:10)


We've gotten into a grumps rut. A grut, if you will.
— Jon
I think, 200 years from now, people are gonna look back on us and think we're weird for not thinking that interspecial couples are okay.
— Jon


Arin: (mumbling) ...There's still time before they go on the rounds, so you need to prepare to do it now."
Jon: What's up?
Arin: Wait, what were you saying for ten minutes?