"It has all the fun of actually being trapped on a desert island!"
— Arin

"Lester the Unlikely"
Lester the Unlikely Episode
Series Game Grumps
Game Lester the Unlikely
Description Watch out for crabs!
Release Date November 13, 2014
Length 15:04
Link Lester the Unlikely - Game Grumps
One-Off Guide
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"Castle of Dragon"
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"Lester the Unlikely" is the first and only episode of Lester the Unlikely on Game Grumps.

Discussions Edit

Danny makes fun of the opening crawl, which uses a typeface that makes the letter Y look like a V. As such, according to Dan, Lester is "a tvpical teenager: kind of geekv, kind of sleepv."

Arin comments on how extremely realistic the game is, comparing it to Metal Gear Solid's approach to realism. He also mentions that he would like to have sex with Lester.


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