Larry (born January 5th, 1998)  is an editor of Game Grumps. He was first introduced on January 5th, 2015 on the 74th Episode of Pokemon FireRed. He was 17 at the time of his introduction, and displayed above average intelligence and grammar skills for a 17 year old of his generation.



  • Larry's font of choice is red Comic Sans with a green drop shadow.
  • Larry appears to have a love-hate relationship with Arin and Danny, as shown from his introduction.
  • Larry is known for his poor grammar, immaturity, and propensity for smack talk.
  • Larry is sometimes used as an alias by Barry and/or Kevin when they don't want to reveal who edited a joke.
  • Larry's first appearance (Seafoam Roam) may be edited by Barry. His yellow font was there saying "Hi!" before Larry started showing up.
  • Larry's favorite choice of cheese is Brie
  • Larry is claimed to have edited the 2015 Stout Train videos, thus giving Kevin a day off.

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