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"Kid Quest" is the ninth episode of Sonic '06.


"Welcome!" "Bluhn." "Welcome."-Egoraptor and JonTron

Outro Edit

"I've determined to complete this fucking game." "Well then, I better...better pack my suitcase...'cause we're goin' straight to hell, baby!" "OHGAGAGAGAGAGAGA! Hey, look, a bumper." -JonTron and Egoraptor

Quotes Edit

  • "What is this? Touch the kid's adventure?" - Jontron

Discussion Edit

The beginning of the episode is spent with Jon ranting about $2 plates and 50 cent silverware.

While in a fast forward montage, the Game Grumps sing/parody Escape From The City.


  • The title of the episode comes from a quest Jon and Arin did ingame, that requires Sonic to go around Soleanna, catching six little kids.

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