"Kendo Rage"
Kendo Rage 1
Series Game Grumps
Game Kendo Rage
Description Do it up, yo!
Release Date August 8, 2013
Length 18:07
Link Kendo Rage - Game Grumps
One-Off Guide
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"Kendo Rage" is an episode of Game Grumps and the only episode of Kendo Rage.


Arin: "What would you call a video game about kendo that also has anger in it?"
Danny: "...Kendo Anger!"


Arin and Danny immediately point out how silly the game is, later stating that they appreciate how self-aware the game is of its silliness.

Danny comes to the realization that he's been saying Chun Li's victory yell wrong for the past twenty years.

Danny notices that the game has a time stamp in the corner. Arin attemps to explain this, but is interrupted frequently by Danny's reactions to various enemies.

Danny says he finds the main character attractive, but it worried that that makes him creepy based on the assumption that the girl is younger than eighteen. Arin compares this to his feelings on Sailor Moon, saying that Sailor Moon is very attractive until you find out she's fourteen or something.

This episode sees a resurgence of the Sad Hoshi joke.


Arin: "I'm going to keep playing this after we end the episode."
Danny: "Well then we might as well record it."
Arin: "I'm joking, by the way."
Danny: "Oh, alright. Then we might as well stop. Bye everyone!"


"So if you want to get a-touched, just come a-croser!" --Arin, imitating Sad Hoshi

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