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"Jontron is a Buttface" is the eleventh episode of Banjo Kazooie.

Intro Edit

"Hey, I'm a baby bird" "Flying through the sky" "And I don't know why" - JonTron and Egoraptor singing.

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps enter Bubblegloop Swamp, obtaining one jiggy.

Quotes Edit

"We have ugh, a po box ugh its for Jontron Egoraptor and Game Grumps, eh if you want to send it to us its on our channel page".- Jon

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, its on our channel page, its on all our channel pages".- Arin

"I think were gonna make a video about about it".- Jon

"Yeah but i mean this is a little insider information i mean its there but-".- Arin

"I mean yeah its like yeah were debating weather or not to post it because it might just fucking, i don't know".- Jon

(Banjo glitches in t pose after stomping on a tree stomp).

"Whoa you were just Jesus banjo for a second, you were like ahhhhhhhhhhh"."Your like enlightenment is near".- Jon

(Arin laughs).

Trivia Edit

  • Jon mentions that the Game Grumps are planning to post a video about their P.O. Box. However they have never uploaded one.
  • Arin mentions getting animal crossing which they later did.

Outro Edit

Arin" Ok so you fucking fight sigma and you die right".

Jon" I don't know".

Arin"You get-".

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