"I got some NIXON me, I got some DIXON me."
— Arin

"Jeopardy NIXON vs DIXON"
Episode 1
Jeopardy 1
Series Game Grumps VS
Game Jeopardy!
Description IT'S HEAAAARTS!!!
Release Date August 24, 2012
Length 18:17
Link Game Grumps VS - Jeopardy NIXON vs DIXON - PART 1
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"Jeopardy Is Won By Someone"

"Jeopardy NIXON vs DIXON" is the second episode of Game Grumps VS, and the first episode of Jeopardy!.

Intro Edit

"Welcome to Game Grumps VS... again" "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the best game that you've ever played in your life...yes... we're not... Jeopardy!" - Jon and Arin.

Match Edit

The Game Grumps start a Jeopardy! game. Arin plays as NIXON, while JonTron is DIXON, with one CPU, LARRY. At the end of the first round, LARRY is in the lead, while JonTron has the more out of the two Grumps.

Midway through the episode Arin answers the question "In a Disney cartoon, she falls under the evil spell of Queen Malificent" [sic] in the category "Frosty Flicks". Arin correctly guesses that the question refers to the movie Sleeping Beauty, but the game instead insists the correct answer to be Snow White, outraging both of them.

LARRY's animation for when he answers a question correctly resembles a motion where you jerk a dick. When he gets a question wrong, he answers in gibberish which has a few letters contained in the correct answer, giving them a hint.


"Fucking Larry!" - Arin & Jon

"This is what I look like when I'm jerking off a dick" - Arin as LARRY, during LARRY's victory animation.


  • This is the origin of the "Snow White Shit" that would be referenced in future episodes, like during Family Feud, referring to unpredictable or false answers to questions.

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