"We're fucking idiots."

"Jeopardy Is Won By Someone"
Episode 2
Jeopardy 2
Series Game Grumps VS
Game Jeopardy!
Description We find out who is TRULY the best Jeopardy player in the world! Does Nixon get it the fuck together? FIND OUT!
Release Date August 27, 2012
Length 17:50
Link Game Grumps VS - Jeopardy Is Won By Someone - PART 2
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"Jeopardy Is Won By Someone" is the third episode of Game Grumps VS, and second and last episode of Jeopardy!.


The match starts with Jon at $770 and Arin with -$2200 going into Double Jeopardy. Arin almost gets out of negative dollars during the round, but misses more questions after that (including a Daily Double) and ends up getting disqualified from the Final Jeopardy! round (Jeopardy rules state that if a player has a negative score, they have no money to wager in the round and are therefore disqualified). Meanwhile, Jon comes back and even takes the lead from Larry, but ends up losing to the CPU player.

Even though they didn't beat the computer player, Jon ($4970) had more money than Arin (-$2000). However, a winner was not declared in the video.


"Bernard. Ber-Fuckin-Nard! A-shut your goddamn mouth!" - JonTron , ad-libbing a song about George Bernard Shaw's middle name.


  • The YouTube comments for this episode involve a lot of people screaming answers to some of the more obvious questions that the Grumps got wrong (Lincoln did not lead the Confederate forces in the Civil War, for example). Surprisingly, the episode features a very minimal number of dislikes in comparison to the likes.

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