"It's Retro"
Episode 5
Mario Party 8 5
Series 'Game Grumps VS'
Game Mario Party 8
Description *snort*
Release Date December 2, 2012
Length 10:37
Link Mario Party 8: It's Retro - PART 5 - Game Grumps
VS Guide
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"I'm Better Than You"
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"It's Retro" is the fifth episode of Mario Party 8.


"I'm just gonna have a pregnant-ass belly dude." "That's real great dude." "Yeah, ah yeah, that's good to hear dude" "Totally." - Arin and Jon, trying to do Dan Avidan impressions

"Dan, you're a great guy." "I love you." I love that guy." "I love him." "I love him." "No I love him." - Jon and Arin


  • Jon reveals in this episode that the Malkovich accent that he has used constantly used in Game Grumps was created by imitating his (Persian) dad's accent.
  • This is the second time Dan has ever been mentioned

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