Game & Wario Islands
Series Grumpcade
Game Game & Wario
Description Everyone has tried to go super saiyan at least once. Admit it.
Release Date February 14th, 2015
Length 35:32
Link Game & Wario: Islands - Grumpcade (Ft. Commander Holly)
Grumpcade One-Off Guide
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"Islands" is the first and only episode of Game & Wario on Grumpcade. It is themed after Valentine's Day, but unlike other Valentine's Day series on Game Grumps, this one does not have an official spin-off name. (Holly, however, suggests the name "Lovecade.")


  • This is the first video on the Game Grumps channel to feature Holly (Ross' wife).
  • It is the first Grumpcade video to feature four players.
  • The intro is unlike intros for other videos on the channel, as Arin didn't have enough time to animate an intro for the video. A drawing of himself, Suzy, Ross, and Holly is used with a new theme to introduce the video. It reads, "2 COUPLES PLAY A VIDEO GAME ON GAME GRUMPS OR SOMETHING."


External LinksEdit

Subreddit Head Islands at the Subreddit

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