"is rly good"
Ross choosing a descriptive save name

is rly good is a meme introduced in Point and Click, when Danny asks Ross to type a description of "this game" while creating the first save in Space Quest IV. While Danny most likely meant a descriptive name for the current game state, Ross interpreted it as a request for a description of Space Quest IV itself.

Script Edit

(Point and Click, 4:21)

Danny: Hold on, let's– let's save it, 'cause we did– we did the rope thing. That's the thing about Sierra games—you gotta save all the fuckin' time.

Ross: Oh, really?

Danny: Yup, 'cause, like, it's easy to die. Okay, type a description of this game, Ross.

Ross: Uh– umm...

Ross types is rly good

Ross: Is really good.

Danny: chuckles You did it!

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