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I Want Wingull!
I Want Wingull


Game Grumps Animated



Origin (Game)

Pokemon Emerald

Origin (Episode)

A Little Ding Dong


Jontron really loves Wingull. He just won't let it go.

Release date

August 19, 2012





"I Want Wingull!" is the first episode of Game Grumps Animated.

Transcript Edit

  • Jon: Oh shit, they're in the bush.
  • Arin: I bet there's secret ones up here.
  • Jon: Okay, look that's a Gullgull.
  • Arin: It's a fucking Wingull.
  • Jon: Oh, I like Wingull. It's a water bird.
  • Arin: It's a water bird.
  • Jon: Hey, you wanna play a little? I gotta drink my this.
  • Arin: Make sure you drink your this. Why are we fucking- Why is Zigzagoon out first?
  • Jon: Why'd you fucking run?
  • Arin: Why are we playing with Zigzagoon?
  • Jon: Why'd you run!? Wingull's only the rarest Pokémon. I want Wingull! I'm serious, Wingull's actually good. I turns into- it evolves into Pelistorm.
  • Arin: [Laughs]
  • Taillow: [Squeaks]
  • Jon: Now you've got fuckin' twitchy ass Taillow over here.
  • Taillow: [Squeaks]
  • Jon: Evolves into Spearow. Get Wingull.
  • Arin: [Laughs] Spearow!?
  • Jon: [Laughs]

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This episode had the most views of any Game Grumps video, with over four million views, until late July 2016, when PT passed it.
  • This animation has the shortest time between its upload and the upload of the episode it is from, with 9 days between the two.

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