"This show sucks when we don't talk!"
Danny, after a brief pause.

"I Just Can't"
Episode 3
Series Game Grumps
Game Super Empire Strikes Back
Description Anger and sadness and regret but mostly RAGE.
Release Date July 1, 2014
Length 12:33
Link Super Empire Strikes Back: I Just Can't - PART 3 - Game Grumps
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"I Just Can't" is the third and final episode of Super Empire Strikes Back on Game Grumps.

Progress Edit

Because of the harsh difficulty of the game, Dan and Arin decide to leave this as the final episode, ending with a montage of their failures to continue. To drive it on home that the Grumps are quitting the playthrough, Barry edits a big red "X" over the part of the endslate where the next episode label is, and the video's thumbnail is emblazoned with the words, "TOO HARD!"


At the very start of the episode, Dan mentions that between episodes, he and Arin found a list of the hardest Super Nintendo games of all time, with Super Empire Strikes Back listed as #1.

Danny jokes how the game's absurd difficulty could eventually drive the two insane, elevating Dan from Not-So-Grump to Grump, and Arin from Grump to Psychopathically Grump.

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