"I'm Better Than You"
Episode 4
Mario Party 8 4
Series Game Grumps VS
Game Mario Party 8
Description Except for all those times you're better than me.
Release Date December 31, 2012
Length 10:18
Link Mario Party 8: I'm Better Than You - PART 4 - Game Grumps
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"I'm Better Than You" is the fourth episode of Mario Party 8.

Quotes Edit

Jon: Tell everybody how good I am.

Arin: Uhh, why?

Jon: [Laughing slightly] I thought you loved me, I don't know.

Arin: Well I do, I just wanted to know why you wanted me to tell everybody.

Jon: I don't know, sometimes it just feels good to have someone just say your praises. I mean, (speaks in an accent) not everybody's a big strong ox like you! Emotionally, sometimes, some of us, it gets to us, okay? We need to hear something good about ourselves and feel okay!

Arin: Alright, fine! You have...good arms!

Jon: (faux excitement) You mean it?

Arin: I MEAN it! And I don't mean it to be mean, I mean it to MEAN it!

Jon: [Farts at the microphone]

Arin: [Arin and Jon laughing hysterically] That's it, that's the end of the fucking episode!

---- The last few statements within the video by Jon and Arin.

Trivia Edit

This episode was the last video released by the Game Grumps in 2012. Jon's fart at the end is famous as being the last Game Grumps moment of 2012.

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