"I think we have to censor this entire episode"

"Hybrid Animals"
Hybrid Animals Steam Train
Series Steam Train
Game Hybrid Animals
Description What the!?!
Release Date May 24th, 2016
Length 26:42
Link Hybrid Animals - Steam Train
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Hybrid Animals is the first and only episode of Hybrid Animals on Steam Train.

Gameplay Edit

Ross and Barry team up to combine animals. First they combine a bat and an ant, in honor of the title screen which seems to show a bat and ant having sex. Second, they combine a narwhal and a winged beetle. Third, a t-rex and a winged beetle. And so on. Some of their hybrids involve previous hybrids. They create a Spearheaded God, which turns into different kinds of gods as the two continue to experiment. Eventually, they get the Bearded God, and try to use it for the real game. However, they have trouble finding anyone to play with until they realize they have to breed to start a match. They get into a match with three other players, which they win.

Discussions Edit

Ross and Barry imagine an Animal Crossing game where the villagers are all cross-bred by you.

Trivia Edit

  • Ross and Barry were unable to hear the game's sound during recording.

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