"Home Alone"
Home Alone
Series Game Grumps
Game Home Alone
Description Get the toys. GET THE TOYS.
Release Date August 5, 2013
Length 11:16
Link Home Alone - Game Grumps
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"Home Alone" is an episode of Game Grumps and the only episode of Home Alone.


Danny: "Hello and welcome to the dick-sucking, cock-fucking, Home Alone edition of Game Grumps!"
Arin: "Damn it, Dan! I told you to be more perverse."


As soon as actual gameplay begins, Danny immediately announces that he thinks the game is terrible.

Danny and Arin point out that there is a gangster standing around in the second screen of the game, but he doesn't do anything except look at you and then look away. Danny goes into great detail on why and how Arin should shoot the gangster with his water gun, but Arin pretends to be confused with how the game works.

Danny points out that it looks like there are lines of cocaine on the chairs in the house. Arin proceeds to pretend to sniff them.

Danny begins to say how it is a very relatable game because everyone's been home alone at one point or another, but is interrupted by the game over screen, which consists of the boy's face from the Home Alone movie, the words 'Oh No!', and a poorly-compressed recording of a scream from the movie.


Arin: "Oh my God, what are they doing? Oh my God, no! They're going to kill him!"
Both he and Danny scream

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