"God dammit, Ross"
— Holly Conrad

Holly Conrad


Holly Conrad (born May 22, 1986), also known as Commander Holly, is an artist and cosplayer. She is married to animator and Steam Train host, Ross O'Donovan.

Holly has been mentioned multiple times on Steam Train by Ross and Danny. During the announcement video for the new Game Grumps and Steam Train shirts Arin and Danny are using several props which were created by Holly. During the same video, a poster from Morgan Spurlock's documentary Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan's Hope can be seen in the background, which Holly was a main cast member of. Holly has appeared alongside Danny in the first episode of Friend Zone, and again in the third episode of Friend Zone. She also had her first appearances on Game Grumps as a part of Grumpcade, and in the Steam Train spin-off, Love Train. The video featured a double date with Holly and Ross, and Arin and Suzy during the 2015 Valentine special. She was also featured in the video Making of Kaiju joined by Jon and Arin.


Currently Holly runs her own YouTube channel "Commander Holly" where she plays games and does crafting and cosplay tutorials. Ross is frequently a guest as well as other friends.

Holly is also known as a cosplayer. She is known for cosplaying as Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series created by Bioware. Holly was Bioware's official Commander Shepard during 2011 and 2012. She also created multiple costumes based off of the series, including Grunt and Wrex.

Holly is also a special FX artist. Some of her notable work includes designing and creating a Kaiju for the promotional video Pacific Rim - Training Day and various creatures for a series of videos entitled The Four Players. She also worked on and helped create The Holodeck, another show on the Polaris network. She has also worked on the Adult Swim show Titan Maximum. This was briefly mentioned in the Valentine's Day episode of Grumpcade.

She is now currently one of the members of a DnD group; Dice, Camera, Action, along with other members such as Jared Knabenbauer, Nathan Sharp, Anna Prosser Robinson, Chris Perkins the Dungeon Master, and many frequent guest stars. Shows every Tuesday, on Twitch, 4pm ST

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Holly has made a few appearances on the Game Grumps channel, and is almost always accompanied by her husband Ross when she does appear, with the exception of her appearances of Table Flip.

She appeared in two of the Valentine's Day 2015 videos. Notably, she was the first guest on Steam Train with her appearance on Ostrich Island.

Holly also has a significant role in Guild Grumps, to take over for Suzy, who had dropped out from Day 4 onward. Her involvement and teaching were instrumental in Arin and Barry getting the most out of their final two days playing World of Warcraft.

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I feel like I'm trying to give it a very gentle handy.
— Holly Conrad


  • Holly and Ross have several pets: two cats named Doctor Orpheus (usually referred to as Orph) and Mojo, and a bearded dragon named Arch-Mage Pancake. Holly also has a cockatiel named Paco, and multiple pigeons named Lieutenant Birb, Fancy Feet and First Officer Feathers. Lieutenant Birb is also adopted.
    • Additionally, Holly rescues pigeons and has a full-sized enclosure containing them.
  • Holly's grandfather was Dorse Lanpher, an animator who worked for Disney and Don Bluth. As a result of this, Holly is in possession of cels from the original Dragon's Lair opening, which Bluth's company helped to animate.
  • Both Ross and Holly made a brief appearance in the review of Space Ace by JonTron. While Ross was horrified and confused to find Jon in their house (claiming their copies of the original Dragon's Lair opening sequence cels as his own), Holly claimed she'd fetch the guns to rid themselves of him.
  • Holly is apparently responsible for "Goddammit Ross..." becoming a catch phrase among the Game Grumps.
  • According to Suzy during a Polaris video AMA, Holly came up with the name for Table Flip.
  • Holly loves birds, a trait she shares with Jon. Especially Cedric the Owl from King's Quest Five and Blathers; the owl from Animal Crossing. She affectionately calls birds "birbs", and made a video about properly maintaining birds as pets for her channel, during which Jon guest-starred.
  • In the Steam Train playthrough of Leisure Suit Larry 6, Holly visited the Grump Space on Christmas Eve as Ross, Danny and Barry were recovering footage from Episode 6, she brought dinner to them and ate with them like a family.
  • Holly cannot see in 3D due to a surgery she had in her eye.
  • Holly makes a guest appearance in the Ninja Sex Party music video for "Peppermint Creams" as one of the gods. Also appearing as gods are Ross, Jessica Marzipan, and Markiplier.
  • Holly is a vegetarian, possibly vegan, and notably was horrified during the Grumps' visit to Japan, where they went to a catch-and-cook fish restaurant.
  • Many of the series on Holly's let's play show, Commander Holly Plays, coincide with series on the Game Grumps channel. Before Danny and Arin played Ross's Super Mario Maker levels on Game Grumps, Ross and Holly played them on Commander Holly Plays. Ross started an Undertale playthrough with Holly on her channel before beginning a playthrough with Barry on Steam Train. These two playthroughs ran side-by-side for a while. Ross played Stardew Valley with Holly on her channel before playing it with Barry on Steam Train, and played Hybrid Animals on Steam Train with Barry before playing it with Holly and Kati on Holly's channel. Other games played on both channels at roughly the same time include Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, Shovel Knight's co-op mode, Skylanders: Superchargers, Oxenfree, and Slime Rancher, although not all of these series were necessarily related and may have just been coincidental.

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