Hello Governor
Hello Governor


Game Grumps Animated


Lemony Fresh

Origin (Game)

Spider-Man 3

Origin (Episode)

Spider-Man 3 The Game


Release date

February 18th, 2016




Game Grumps Animated - Hello Governor - by Lemony Fresh

Hello Governor is an official episode of Game Grumps Animated by Lemony Fresh. It uses audio from the one-off Grumpcade episode Spider-Man 3 The Game.

The Animation Edit

Danny asks Arin who Matt and Woolie are, and why they’re in the studio with them. Later, outside, Matt admits he doesn’t know much about “The Spidermans.” This phrasing amuses everyone around him. Danny introduces the elderly character “Saul Spider-Man,” who doesn’t have much control over his powers yet. Arin demands to buy a dog from a small black child on the street. Saul hopes “he’s a Hebrew National.” Later, The Rhino stomps an orphanage to the ground. Even later on, Matt alerts Arin that he’ll want to fail a mission, and hits a woman out of a window. Later still, he breaks down into tears, before he starts shooting webs all over the place. He and everyone then start acting drunk, spying on people in the shower.

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