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Grant Kirkhope (original intro)


March 25, 2013


Special Guest Grant Kirkhope

The Guest Grumps intro is the intro to episodes of Guest Grumps. The original intro was composed by Grant Kirkhope. When the show returned in 2016, the intro was changed. The new intro is similar to the Grumpcade intro.

Lyrics Edit

Grant Kirkhope Edit

Arin: Hey, do you mind if somebody comes on our show?

Jon: No!

Both: And this is Guest Grumps!

Steve-O Edit

Arin: Steve-O's our guest on the show. And the show's name is Guest Grumps.

Jacob Anderson Edit

Arin: Jacob Anderson a.k.a. Raleigh Ritchie is our guest and the show is Guest Grumps.

Claudio Sanchez Edit

Arin: Claudio from Coheed and Cambria is our guest and the show is Guest Grumps.

Finn WolfhardEdit

Arin: Finn Wolfhard is our guest on the show and the show, it's name is Guest Grumps.

Trivia Edit

  • The original intro was composed by Grant Kirkhope, the first guest.
  • Jon had a different eye animation in the original intro. At a point, Jon's eyes seem to pop out when he says "No!".

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