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Guest Grumps
Guest Grumps


Arin Hanson
Danny Sexbang
Various guests
Jon Jafari (former)


Barry Kramer (editor)




March 25, 2013 - Present

Guest Grumps is a series of Game Grumps in which each episode features a special guest star playing and commentating alongside Arin, and Danny. Jon has not been featured on any other episodes than the first one due to him leaving the Game Grumps channel. Fans have shown interest in bringing Jon back as a guest on Guest Grumps and then finishing Sonic '06 with Arin, Arin has stated he has no wish to complete it or return to it after Jon's departure.

The format of the show is different from the format of Game Grumps and Game Grumps VS, in that the Grumps and their guest play a number of games in one episode. The Grumps make very little progress in each game, instead focusing more on conversing with and interviewing the guest. So far, they have only made one episode, but in the Reddit AMA, Danny and Arin said that there will be more Guest Grumps. They are currently asking guests to participate, and will release episodes regularly when enough guests have said yes.

Dan have stated in several episodes of Game Grumps that he wanted his Dad to be in Guest Grumps.


With DannyEdit

  • TBA

With JonEdit


  • The intro for the first (and so far only) episode was composed by Grant Kirkhope, the guest of that episode. As Grant is a composer it is yet to be seen if this intro will be used in future episodes or if a new intro will be made.
  • Two of the four games played in the first episode, "Conker's Bad Fur Day" and "Donkey Kong 64", have currently never been played in other episodes on the Game Grumps channel.
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