Gubble Episode
Series Game Grumps
Game Gubble
Description Gubble is coming...
Release Date November 4, 2014
Length 11:45
Link Gubble - Game Grumps
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"Gubble" is the first and only episode of Gubble on Game Grumps.

Discussion Edit

For some reason, this game causes Arin to go insane, pretending to be ecstatic about the game even before the episode starts. The first thing you hear when starting the episode (after the title song) is Arin yelling "WE'RE PLAYING FUCKING GUBBLE!!"

About halfway into the episode, Arin goes into the supposed deep lore of Gubble, involving the titular "Gooble" wanting to be a hero to his people, but is struggling with the idea that his father never loved him, and that each level represents a part of Gooble's subconscious. In actuality, the game is simply about using various tools to take out screws and nails scattered around the level with a vague story at best. At 8:00, Arin states that Gubble is like "Pac-Man meets Game of Thrones".

Danny, who is believing none of Arin's explanations, compares the game to Crystal Castles, which uses the same kind of isometric perspective and maze-like gameplay, and features similar rules. Whenever Danny insults or questions the game, Arin yells at him for attempting to tarnish the nonexistent sophisticated reputation of Gubble and "Gooble".

Finally, at the bonus stage, when Dan "confesses" that he is a fan of Gubble like Arin, Arin finally snaps, screaming that Gubble is the worst game ever, to turn it off, and that he wants to kill himself. Ironically, at that point, Dan begins to enjoy it, saying that he wants to keep going.

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