The Grump Office, AKA The Grump Space, is an office the Game Grump use which they acquired in April, 2014. Here, Arin, Danny, Ross, Barry, Brian and Suzy edit the series and also produce content for their respective channels. Arin, Danny and Ross, and formerly Jon, used to record Game Grumps and Steam Train in the Grump Room in Arin and Suzy's house, and Barry used to edit the show in another room in the same house. Before acquiring the office, Barry was formally the only editor of the show, but currently Matt and Ryan, and formerly Kevin all edit the show, with Arin helping with Game Grumps, and Ross helping with Steam Train. It's in Hesperia. Distinct features of the office include:

  • A long brick wall
  • Wooden vinyl flooring
  • Recording Booth
  • A secret room
  • The Grump Room



The Grump Room can possibly be seen in:

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