"This? I don't feel like I was supposed to beat it. I am feeling really triumphant right now."

"Gotta Go Fast"
Episode 8
Sonic '06 8
Series Game Grumps
Game Sonic '06
Description Moving forward, uh huh, oh yeah.
Release Date November 13, 2012
Length 10:47
Link Sonic '06: Gotta Go Fast - PART 8 - Game Grumps
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"Gotta Go Fast" is the eighth episode of Sonic '06.

Intro Edit

"Welcome back to when we try to beat a-Sonic-achug. We try to beat Silver. He goes 'It's no use!' We say 'We knooow. We are trying thoooough.'"-Jontron as Juan

Outro Edit

"Next time on Game Grumps... 403, 402, 401, 405 Freeway, get outta here. Go, get out of here, you got better things to do. You should be doing homework or jackin' off." -JonTron

Quotes Edit

"How about this!" "How about THIS! Fucking dickwad!" - Silver and Egoraptor.