Goopy Grumps Shirt! IT'S GREAT!
Goopy Grumps Shirts


Have you SEEN all this goop? It's fantastic! Haha I love goop!

Release date

April 3rd, 2015




Goopy Grumps Shirt! IT'S GREAT!

Goopy Grumps Shirt! IT'S GREAT! is an announcement video advertising the new "Goopy Grumps" t-shirt on

Barry, Ross, and Danny notice that Arin has been in the bathroom for 3 hours. When confronted about this, he reveals that he's upset over the lack of a new t-shirt in a while. Ross reveals that there is a new shirt, which lifts Arin's spirits. However, he's not coming out of the bathroom yet because of an "excitement poop." Ross closes with "This commercial is a pile of shit!" Danny and Barry high five him for this pun.

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