"Giggle Hands"
Episode 4
Mario Party 4 4
Series Game Grumps VS
Game Mario Party 4
Description Now that's funny.
Release Date October 2, 2012
Length 10:13
Link Mario Party 4: Giggle Hands - PART 4 - Game Grumps VS
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"Giggle Hands" is an episode of Game Grumps VS and the fourth episode of Mario Party 4.

Intro Edit

"(indistinctly) Ba-dup, bad-dup, dup-dup, dum! Dadaduh, urgh-episode five! Thistime it's elevun! C'monyushe- I DON'T GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT KE$HA!!" - Jon

Gameplay Edit

Turn Ten

Jon begins the episode by getting a nine. He decides to pass by the Item Shop and continues the path. He lands on a Blue Space near Luigi. Arin gets a three and lands on a Blue Space next to two adjacent Happening Spaces.

DK gets a nine, and is able to get to the star space that is to the left of the Koopa Hotel. After paying Koopa again, the big ape immediately pays 20 Coins for a Star. While that is happening, the Grumps make fun of Larry the Cable Guy, of all things. DK, on the other hand, is currently first, but that might change due to the next Star Space being really near to Luigi and Jon.

DK continues his turn by buying a Warp Pipe at the Item Shop next to Ukiki's left junction.Speaking of which, DK slips on a banana there and goes upwards. He lands on a Blue Space.

Luigi, being the smart one, ignores the Mini Mushroom he can use for now, and goes for the standard Dice Block. (Un)fortunately, he gets a one. He receives another Mini Mushroom from the Mushroom Space.

Turn Ten Mini-game: Manta Rings (4-Player Mini-game; Free-for-All)

While they hysterically laugh and STILL continue to make heavily fun of Larry, they start the mini-game. They must swim through the most rings they can possibly get, a la Superman 64, in order to win.

Arin, as always, doesn't know what he does in the mini-game, while Jon makes annoyingly loud noises that is supposed to sound like Danny Elfman's music. While they swim through the game, Arin bumps into a Blooper, losing him a point in-game. Luckily, Arin passes through a golden ring, which grants the player three points in-game. Arin pushes Jon aside in-game and gets almost every golden ring he could get. He loses three in-game points by bumping into an eel, but in the end, Arin wins with 11 in-game points, and Jon narrowly missing a tied 1st place with him by just ONE point.

Turn Eleven

Jon rolls a seven, which is enough for him to get to the Star Space in order to pay 20 Coins for his first Star of the game. This means that every player, except for Arin, has a Star. Luckily, Arin might have a chance of getting his first Star since the next Star Space is closet to Arin.

Jon then goes left to land on the Warp Space after paying Koopa the fee of 5 Coins. He stops the roulette on Peach and is now near the star...PSYCHE! He misses and lands on DK's space instead. Bad luck, Jon.

Arin needs to get to the Star Space (which is 11 spaces away) without landing on the nearby Happening Spaces. Luckily, he gets enough to pass by them...but since he got a four, that is enough for him to land on the nearby Bowser Space.

Out comes Mini-Bowser again, and steals 15 Coins from Arin. Despite that, he still has plenty of Coins, so there is a chance that he can get the Star. DK gets a two...and also lands on a Bowser Space. Mini-Bowser strikes yet again, and steals 20 Coins from DK. He now ties with Luigi for 1st.

Luigi uses one of his Mini-Mushrooms and gets a five. He lands on a Blue Space.

Turn Eleven Mini-game: Right Oar Left? (2 vs 2; Arin/DK vs Jon/Luigi)

Jon laughs at the game's 'punny' title, and Arin flinches Jon by trying to punch him. Without reading the advice (i.e. "Rowing left moves you to the right and vice versa"), the begin the mini-game.

Jon is excited that the boats they ride on is based off Dorrie from Mario 64. Despite Luigi being on Hard and helping Jon so hard, Jon himself sucks at the mini-game and takes forever to row properly. While Jon and his partner is catching up, Arin and DK makes contact with a fire-breathing statue in-game, which stops them from moving for a bit. Jon is nearly at the finish line, but also makes contact with one of the fire-breathing statues.

Despite all that, Jon manages to win the mini-game with the help of Luigi, and manages to beat the record that was set by default.

Turn Twelve

To be added


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